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Why Hire
dean street law?

Dean Street Law has extensive experience in corporate law, entrepreneurship and managing small businesses and investment portfolios. With our expertise, you can feel confident navigating complex business transaction and position your business for success with our support. 

The Law is the infrastructure of business

I became a corporate attorney to be a better entrepreneur, because law is the fabric of business. It is essential for everything you do and yet it's one of the most complex areas of business that changes daily. We leverage years of unparalleled corporate experience, creative solutions so that we can take care of your legal matter, and you can focus on what you do best. Leverage our resources so that you can invest in your business and grow! 


Minimize your liability and exposure

Whether you are just starting out, looking to expand or experiencing rapid growth it is important to minimize your potential liability and personal exposure. We can help you do this by setting a foundation with your corporate structure, providing contract review and negotiation, and acting as your general outside counsel. With our support, you'll be positioned for long term viability and success.

Invest now to save later

Your first investment should be in legal. Things go wrong everyday, especially when it comes to business. Every business owner, from the entrepreneur to the Fortune 500 CEO, knows that ups and down are a daily occurrence, which is why it is vital to invest in having the proper legal structure, contracts that protect you, and sound legal advice to navigate business matters in order to save thousands of dollars in costly mistakes. It is better to invest now and set yourself up for success than to rick the future of your business doing it alone. 


Work With Us


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It's easy; we provide free 15 minute consultations to chat and see if we are a good fit


Discuss Your Legal Needs

Tell us about your legal matter, your goals, and how we can best support you 


Get Your Custom Proposal

We'll create a custom proposal outlining our scope of work and expected fees incurred


Sign Engagement Letter & Pay Deposit

The final step to become a client so that we can begin working together on your legal matter


Welcome to Dean Street Law

You are now on your way to success with a legal team that supports you every step of the way


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