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Legal Guides

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A curated collection of legal knowledge prepared by Dean Street Law for the benefit of our clients and community.


Social Media & Intellectual Property Rights

Chances are, if you're on social media then you have intellectual property rights. Find out what is considered IP, know your rights, and how to protect your IP. 

Forming a Legal Entity

You want to start a company, but don't know which type is the best for you?  This is a great overview of the different types of entities and the pros and cons of each! 


5 steps to Avoid Piercing the Corporate Veil

Creating a separate legal entity isn't enough.  You also need to uphold the corporate formalities and maintain it as a separate legal entity.  Here's all the information you need. 


Your comprehensive guide to a small business acquisition and how we support you through the process!  It includes timelines, steps to be completed and guidance throughout.


Fundraising Guide

If you are looking to fundraise for your business, this guide provides a number of debt and equity fundraising opportunities to help you understand the lay of the land so that you can select the best strategy that suits your needs.  We would be happy to discuss the pro's and con's of each method.  


If you are looking to form a fund for one or more investments or acquisitions, we have put together a memorandum with an example and the legal work involved in fund formation.  Compliance is extremely important in fundraising, so we highly recommend you have an attorney support you in this and would be happy to help.  

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